About Andrew

Welcome to the official website of Andrew Verdi.

Andrew is an award-winning screenplay writer dead set on getting his work put into production one day. To him it’s about telling a story, a story people can hold onto, lose themselves in or just be thoroughly entertained for a few hours.

In 2005 Andrew graduated college with a base knowledge in screen writing and over the next few years he continued practicing the craft, bettering his writing abilities.

Around September of 2010 he partnered up with two friends (Andrew and Anthony McDonald) and wrote the television pilot High Class Problem. Later that year they had the fortunate chance of pitching the idea to a major television network and though they did not get it picked up the meetings they had put them on course for future success.

During the 2011 year Andrew took the advisement from the pitch meeting to have a go in the screen writing competition circuit. He struck a fair amount of success with his writings; Terrestrial (Finalist (2), Semi-Finalist), High Class Problem (Finalist), and Thunderstruck (Finalist, Semi-Finalist).

Later that year after returning from a trip to LA, Andrew and his partners decided to take the next step with High Class Problem and hired a cast for a table read. After receiving a lot of positive feedback they did what was necessary and made revisions to the script, created a story bible and he wrote a prologue to the pilot in which they put into production and finished.

Now with a polished script in hand for High Class Problem, a beautiful story bible and a prologue that introduces the world and characters, they have moved to their next step in getting meetings setup to get the show picked up.

In between working on High Class Problem and his other projects Andrew enjoys photography of all things.

If you wish to learn more about Andrew or his scripts feel free to browse his site or contact him.